Get more leads for your salon or spa using Facebook Ads in just 4 simple steps

It’s no secret that Facebook ads can do wonders for your business. Especially if you own a spa or salon. We all are well aware of the fact that people actually spend thousands of rupees on getting their hair or nails done.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need more clients or don’t need to expand your business.

Running Facebook ads will help you get more leads, clientele, and revenue. Don’t worry if you’re new to Facebook ads. Check out our beginner’s guide to Facebook ads & do’s and don’ts of Facebook ads. These should be more than enough for you to be similar to Facebook ads.  

Let’s see how you can expand your business by getting more leads via Facebook ads. There are the following 4 simple steps in which you can do so:

  • Well-targeted Facebook ads
  • A landing page ( Opt-in page)
  • Thank you Page
  • Follow up – simple follow-up via email sequence, text message or calls

Well Targeted Facebook Ads

While advertising online or offline, a spa or salon owner’s main objective is to get leads. And what’s the most effective ad type to accomplish just that?

Consideration! That too with the ideal objective being Traffic. 

That means you’re focused on sending people to a destination on or off of Facebook for lead generation. To do the same you need to target the right audience, your main focus should be on age, gender & location. 

For instance, your spa or salon is coming out with a “festive” offer keeping the festival season in mind. You have a unisex salon that is giving out all its services on up to 50% off. 

You can set your parameters as follows: 

Age – 21 to 39

Gender- Both, Men & Women

Location– Your city +10 miles (in this case, we used our local town. But, you’ll need to determine the radius based on where you live.) Keep in mind you can always alter this according to your preference. 

Yes, there are many more targeting options you can choose from. Once you’ve set up the targeting, it’s time to move onto the ad creative! 

Create an ad

Here you’ll get an option of creating from scratch. Try to make it as simple and precise. Following are the components of an ad:

  • Ad Headline: Your headline needs to be really catchy enough for your TA to actually click on the ad. Make sure you add the offer in the headline. 
  • Ad Copy: Here you get nearly 30 words to write. Your ad headline, ad copy must be in sync. They shouldn’t contradict else it’ll confuse your audience.
  • Ad Image: Use a good quality, preferably HD quality image. It is your ad image that catches all the eyeballs.
  • Ad Description: Again, it must state the offer clearly with a bit more information (the salon offering up the special deal).
  • Call to Action: Your ad must have a call to action. You need to redirect your audience somewhere after they click on your ad. 

Landing Page

Okay, once you’re done creating your ad, think where do you want to redirect your audience once they click on your ad. The most obvious answer is to the website. But think about it again. Sending your existing and potential clients to website might confuse them. They’ve clicked on your to avail the offer and not to play hide and seek on your website. 

Therefore, we recommend you use ‘LeadKit’ to set up a designated page for this exclusive offer. It’s a fast and professional way to build out your funnel pages at a low cost. 

Create a minimalistic landing page. Add an image and ask for minimal information your audience.

Following are the reasons why this works better:

  • Give them what they want: Add a relaxing yet quirky image. The page text reflects the feeling you’re wanting to convey to the audience. Focus on the much-needed pampering they’ll receive once they arrive at your salon.
  • Ask for less: Don’t bombard them with a lengthy form to fill. Ask for minimal information. Hence the best option is to ask for their name, email ID, phone number and address. 
  • Create scarcity: Create an urgency, a sense of scarcity. This is really essential. Go for something like “we’re only offering this festival offer to the first 15 voucher redeemers”. This motivates them to opt-in quickly and visits the salon soonest possible.

Thank You Page

After your prospective salon customer enters their information on the landing page and clicks the “Give Me My Festive Voucher Now!” button, they’re added to your email list and redirected to a Thank You page

The thank-you page must consist of:

  • Book your appointment using the code
  • Or give us a missed call on the following number.

Note that the phone number you provide here is not the regular number give at your website or visiting cards. It should be a tracking number that forwards calls to the business order to track the effectiveness of the campaign. 

Give them an extra something at the end. Give a freebie. Consider it as an add on. 

Follow UP!

This the last leg. Now that you have your TA’s email and calling information, it’s time to follow up. You can either drop them an email, text message or give them a call right away.

This step is important because following up helps remove any barriers that stand between your client’s prospective customers and actually coming into their salon to get a fresh new look. 

Not to mention, it’ll make them feel like more than just a number on your client’s books—a VIP, in fact. And come on let’s face it. Everyone likes to be treated importantly. Make your customers loved! Follow up! 

We hope these tips help all your spa/salon owners to get more leads, clientele, and revenue. If you have some other ways to use Facebook ads for the same then don’t forget to share them with us!