How to use Social Media To Get Customers for Your Spas and Salons

Spa and Salon Digital Marketing

In this blog, I am going to share some valuable strategies that will help you grow your spas and salon business via social media.

Spas and Salons care about looks, so visuals storytelling will be the best way to promote your business.

Instagram is all about visuals that will help you show everything that you do easily. All the things that you do on Instagram can be implemented on Facebook too.

So let’s started:

Post Regularly

Posting content consistently will keep your brand on top of the mind in your followers.

Post Real Content

Designing cool creatives is one part of social media marketing, but posting real pictures and videos is the game on social media. Sharing what’s happening right now in your spa and salon will help you a lot more than publishing any other content.

  • Post photos of your Salon from inside, Post outside view of your location, Post photos of your nearby locations.
  • Always remember to use the Geotagging feature so that people in nearby locations can see your content. 
  • Post before and after images & videos of the customers after they have used your service.
  • Create Instagram stories while they are getting served at your store.
  • Post photos and videos of employees people who are helping you in your business.

User-Generated Content

People like to see other people on their feeds. The more they see photos of real people on your channel, the more they resonate with your brand. It makes you real!

Take Customers Feedback

Ask customers if they can share the experience of the service they took from you. Shoot videos, take their pictures and post on your Instagram channel. 

Promote Offers (Intelligently)

Promote an offer where you ask a customer to post their picture in your salon and post on their social media channel. Give them a discount on the service, coupons for next visit or Gift them goodies. The choice is up to you. 

Use MEME in Your Marketing

Memes can help you stay in trend and talk to your customers. Use funny Memes around your industry and post them on your feed and stories.

Use Instagram Highlights

Use instagram highlight feature to Showcase different sides of your brand. It can be different services that you offer, customer reviews, before and after and so on.

Educate Your Followers

Share knowledge, teach people, and help them even before they become your customers.

Things share like:

Best to way to take care of skin in summers/winter etc
Easy hairstyling options at home
Tips & Tricks to do better Makeups at home
Promote Products and Tell them how to use them properly.

The goal of doing all this is to become a credible source of information in your industry.

People will appreciate your effort and start liking you. You will become their 1st option for any of the services you offer.

Advertise Your Business

You can use Facebook ad manager to run Ads for your business for the following objectives:

Brand Awareness: To increase your brand visibility in your area.

Engagement Ads: Promote engaging posts to connect people with your brand.

Lead Generation: Runs ads of any offers and services to collect contact information of the people who are interested in your services. 

Facebook Ad Manager

Choose the audience in the location with interests such as salon, skincare, hair care, etc.

Here for example in INR 1000 you can reach to 3.4 to 9.8k people and out of those chances are 7 to 28 will fill your lead form.

Audience Fb Ad manager Spa and Salon

You can create sales funnel by using the lead automation that we customized for our clients.

Doing these things for your spa and salon business will definitely skyrocket your business growth.

Navneet runs GhugharMedia, a Digital Marketing Agency in New Delhi. He loves to read books, write and experiment with new-age marketing channels