These social media strategies will help you grow your photography business

Marketing acts fuel for your business. It sparks your content and helps you generate maximum revenue.

And when we talk about marketing in the digital media field then you have no other option than marketing your brand on social media.

Marketing using social media enables you to reach a wide range of audiences, who are interested in learning, gathering information or just reading (or viewing) contents. 

To promote your photography business, you should know the best practices of Social Media Marketing Strategies For Promoting Photography Business. This blog will help you market yourself on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Quora.


We all are well aware of this social networking website. Facebook is probably the largest social media website. There is still a possibility that an individual is not on Instagram or Twitter but he/she will definitely be on Facebook. 

It is also considered as a photographer-friendly platform. Millions of people talk, see and interact with a lot of photographs.

Hence if you want to reach & connect with a wide range of audiences, Facebook is probably the best option for you. 


  • Type of profile: To get maximum benefits for your business, don’t use your personal profile for business purposes. Usually, your personal profile has fewer open doors than pages. Rather, opening a photography page helps you to open more doors. 
  • When to post: Make it a habit of posting at least 2 photographs a day. Choose the best of the photographs you have and post them at this frequency. Make sure you write compelling and relevant captions. Don’t go for direct sales. Be more subtle. Also, don’t forget to add the location of the place where the photograph was taken. 
  • When to post: According to many studies, posting during the weekends works the best because of it then when a majority of the people go through their social media handles. Hence be more active during the weekends for more results.
  • Engage more traffic: To engage more traffic, come up with various events such as photography workshops, photo walks, meet & greet and so on. 
  • Reuse photographs: This point is extremely important. If a particular photo doesn’t work today, it’ll work tomorrow. Don’t hesitate to reuse your photographs. 


Over a period of time, Twitter has become one of those platforms which are being used by masses. Twitter is suitable for photographers as many people have started using this platform to network and know more about what’s happening in the world. 

It can be said that Facebook is more like a friend circle, which sometimes can be a bit closed from the public.

But Twitter is like many circles of people with the same interest, talking about the same thing or engaging in the same activities.  So for a photographer, it is an opportunity to reach more potential traffic or customers.


  • Post smartly: Tweeting on Twitter can be a little tricky as the audience and functionality are completely different from other platforms. You only get 140 characters to write. So here you have to write, add a link and an image. So be very careful while picking your words.
  • Hashtags: The concept of using hashtags was initially started here and later adopted by other social media websites. Using appropriate hashtags will help reach your desired audience. Hence choose them wisely keeping the word limit in mind.
  • Blogs: You can tweet the link of your latest blog along with a short and crisp caption and a couple of relevant hashtags. Reply to other’s tweets, let them what are you up to.
  • Retweet: Encourage your audience to retweet your photographs. But don’t make this practice a habit. Do this only for your best photographs. You don’t want to bug your audience to retweet your average photographs as there are chances that they might unfollow you. 
  • When to post:  There is no perfect time to tweet. But after trial and error, you’ll realize when your audience is active the most. And then you can tweet and be active around the same time. 


It is literally an ideal place for people who like, follow and publish. As the platform works through the publishing of photos and videos, it is perfect for photographers.

So, for the photographers, it is just simply like a heaven of their best photo sharing. 

As a photographer, if you don’t have an account on Instagram while you have accounts in all other social media, it’s where you’re going wrong. It’s like you have kept close the door on the planet of opportunities.

It is also the only image sharing platform that has no limit to reaching your audience. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


  • Account type: For business purposes, never use your personal profile. Make sure you have a business account on Instagram so that if need be, you can run ads and promote a specific post.
  • Profile optimization: Make sure your profile is properly optimized. You have an appropriate profile picture, bio along with your website’s link or latest blog’s link.
  • Posting pattern: Just like any other social platform, you’re posting consistently. Use relevant hashtags in your posts. Make sure you engage with your audience by reaching on their comments on your photographs. Also, don’t forget to add that photograph’s location.  
  • Link Facebook: Link your Instagram account to your Facebook page to reach a wider audience. 
  • Use stories: Instagram gets you this feature of adding stories. Make the most of this feature. You can add posts like ‘New Post Coming Soon’ or ‘New Post is Up’. Play as much as you can with your stories. 


Quora is probably the most popularly used for asking and answering questions. It’s a place to write new content and share content from other websites.

This can be the right place for the photographers to make relation with the target audience. Here anybody can open the page, share content, ask questions and provide answers.

It can also be said that it is an ideal place for an individual to make their business as well as themselves a brand.

Following are the strategies you can use to make the most of this platform:


  • Authentic profile: While making your profile on Quora, make sure you add your actual information. By information, we mean your name, email ID and so on. By giving out your actual information, people will be able to find you on the internet and connect with you.
  • Give your knowledge: As it is a knowledge-sharing platform, photographers can take advantage of it by sharing photography related information. You can write on topics like ‘Beginner’s guide to photography’ or ‘Basic photography tips’. 
  • Branding: It is an ideal platform for business and personal branding. Since you’ll be posting content under your own name, people will know you personally and your content will let them know about your business. 
  • Be active: If you’re consistent in your posting pattern and replying to other people then the audience may feel interested in your job and come to your site to know more about you or to buy your product like photography. 


Everyone knows that LinkedIn is like Facebook for working professionals. It is a search tool too to find out the specific person from a specific profession, to find various job opportunities from everywhere.

It is a marketplace for marketers. Almost all the high profiled companies and personalities have kept their mark here. 

People from every profession can use LinkedIn for their business purposes and personal branding as well. This social media is one of the most influential marketing places for photographers.

And it can be said that it is one of the best platforms for photographers to get business and connect with like-minded people. 


  • Account optimization: To grow your photography business marketing, you should open a catchy and 100% quality company profile. Make it all-stars by giving the necessary information. Properly arrange the page using a professional avatar and your best images.
  • Create your portfolio: Create a showcase of your products that mean your photographs. Use great visuals. Please note that SlideShare is now a LinkedIn product. And showcasing your best photos in SlideShare is very crucial for building your portfolio. Use it to attract more businesses and customers.
  • Grow your network: A photographer should be engaged with the target audiences and that is why he should create a group, participate with the relevant groups, share images and views, leave status consistently, answer the various question of the use LinkedIn polls, ask for an endorsement and so on.
  • Attract more traffic: For attracting more traffic to your profile and ultimately to your selling website, write article sharing many tips like social media marketing tips and tricks for photographers who are newbies or interested to come to this profession, write smart pulse for your services, create infographics with photography tactics, video tutorials and many more.
  • Be focused: If you want to get desired results using this platform then you need to be serious about your targets. You should update your content, status. Share content from your website. Give a preview of your work and post a link of your work which will redirect your audience to your website. 

It is really difficult to answer which is the best social media website for photography marketing. It will always vary from person to person. A person who got success through Instagram will always suggest people use it for marketing purposes. 

If you have more social media tips for the same then don’t forget to share them with us!