These tips & tricks will help you market your Spa or Salon like a pro

Are you someone looking for marketing your beauty services and products online? There must be times when you try to reach out to your customers and potential customers but don’t get desired results.

Don’t worry! We’re here to make your task a little easier. 

Social media is a great way to engage with your current and potential customers. It helps to spread more awareness about your services.

Last but not the least it creates brand loyalty among customers by reinforcing what makes your salon unique.

Not just Facebook, this blog will help you learn about tips and tricks about marketing on all major social media platforms. 

Therefore here’s all you need to do to market your spa/salons through social media:

Tip #1: Publish Intriguing Content

Your content on social media should be such that your customers crave more interaction and communication with your brand.

Your social media posts need to be engaging and interesting to those who are going to read it. And should provide them value and a new source of information. 

Tip #2: Treat Facebook as Your Major Communication Tool

It can be said that Facebook is your one-stop destination to interact with your existing and potential clients.

In today’s era, there is a slight possibility that people might not be there on Instagram. But they’ll definitely be on Facebook.

Therefore, it is the perfect medium to communicate with customers.

The following are tips for marketing your spa/salon via Facebook:

  • Value Content: Make sure whatever you’re posting on your Facebook page provides value to your customers. The information should be relevant to them.

    Ask them questions. Ask them for their opinions. For instance, you can ask questions like “The festive season has officially begun! What will be your festive hair cut of choice?” This type of conversation starter is relevant, personalized, and something that the majority of salon-goers would enjoy discussing.
  • Post A LOT of Pictures: Yes. Visual content attracts people 120% times more than written content. Hence whatever you want to convey to your customers must be through images or any other form of illustration.
    And trust us there are a zillion things you can post. It can be fun holiday-themed manicures or festive party hairstyles and more.

    Posting pictures can also help to bring new referrals through your front doors. As your current customers share the photo with their own personal networks!
  • Take it as your Miniature Website: Not everyone who comes across your brand will check your website. It has become human nature to look for a brand on Facebook first and then on Google.

    Hence it is extremely important for you to treat your Facebook page seriously. When customers arrive on your Facebook page they should be able to find all of the information they may be looking for.

    Use the various Facebook tabs to show your salon locations, services, photos,  reviews and so on.
  • Contest & giveaways: Okay let’s face it. Everyone loves to get stuff for either free or at discounted prices.

    Be it 15% off during the festive season, your customers will love the ease of being able to enter or receive the promotion while on Facebook.

    Also, they will likely comment on the contest page post or share it with their own Facebook friends, creating more awareness for your business. 
  • Try Facebook Ads: You can’t even imagine what Facebook ads can do for your business. Use Facebook Ads to its full ability through targeting.

    You may want to only target people located close to your salon, or those who like related Facebook Pages.

    An example would be those who like Aveda Canada who would likely want to try your nearby hair salon that uses Aveda products.

Tip #3 Explore Instagram

In the past 4-5 years, Instagram has emerged as a major social media platform. Pictures are a great way to market your salon.

Show a wide variety of your products and services as well as fun, quirky photos that go with your brand’s theme.

  • Be in Trend: Don’t forget to add hashtags to your Instagram posts. It enables your customers and potential clients to find about your spa/salon.
    For instance, you’ve posted a picture of festival nail art with #FestiveNails.  This one hashtag will help your post reach to every person who searches this hashtag and showcases your salon’s services. 
  • Don’t miss Geotagging: While posting an image don’t forget to add the location of your spa/salon. It gives your TA an estimate about how far you’re from their location.
    Also, include your location through hashtags. So that every time a person searches for that location, your posts come in the search results. 
  • Use ‘Before & After’ images: This is one kind of post that’s working most effectively these days on Instagram. People obviously want to know-how using your services will bring a change in their appearance.

    Hence you can post ‘pre-post hair color’, ‘before-after’ manicure/pedicure, ‘then & now’ hair spa and so on. 
  • Don’t be Monotonous: It is a fact that the majority of Instagram users are youngsters. Hence, by showing them the same monotonous posts you don’t want them to lose interest in your brand.

    Once in a while, a feel-good post can engage your customers. You can use specific quotes or pictures that you feel defines your brand. 
  • Exclusive Instagram Contests: One of the best things we like about Instagram is that you can run a contest that involves user-generated content.

You can hold photo contests among your Followers. Such as “Post a picture of your new festive manicure with the hashtag of your salon’s name and be entered to win your next manicure for free!”

These engage customers and are easy for customers to participate in. Simply upload a picture and include the proper hashtag and your current followers will spread the news to their friends and family. 

Tip #4 Don’t underestimate Twitter

We often treat Twitter as a place for all the serious stuff. But believe it or not, Twitter is a great way for your salon business to provide information. Share interesting related articles or hold contests. Here are a couple of tips to ensure you’re Tweeting to your Followers in the most effective way possible:

  • Spread a word about services: Post information about a specific service with a link to your website or Facebook, from where customers can get more information.
  • Run offers for Twitter: Give your customers and potential clients some incentive. Tweet an offer saying “Get 15% off on your first manicure. Just mention this tweet. Click on the link below”. 
  • Group deal: Twitter is an extremely social platform for communicating with others, and Group Deals are a great way to gain Followers or engage with customers.
  • Just like Twitter, spas and salons are also a social place where people go to relax, enjoy, and feel good about themselves. Therefore it is a great way to engage with multiple people at once.

    For instance, you can tweet something like- “Come in this weekend with 2 or more girlfriends and receive 20% off each on manicures, pedicures or a color change just by showing this tweet!”
  • Share your brand’s articles: People on Twitter are following you for a reason. Irrespective of the fact that you’re giving them discounts and incentives; they want to know what you’ve to say about or what advice you want to give them it comes to beauty care.

You can post a link of your Facebook & Instagram profile or YouTube channel of short DIY videos. 

Using these tips and tricks will allow your spa/salon to gain new customers, retain those customers through brand loyalty, and create an interactive relationship with followers.