A complete guide of factors that may affect your marketing strategy

After long hours of working and giving in everything to create something big. But wait. No one knows about your product yet. Have you been there? You have your product/service ready but don’t know where to start spreading the word? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back! 

For your product to work and reach your TA, you need a good marketing strategy. And by good, we mean really good! As a newbie, it is extremely normal to ‘Google’ it. But often those google-searched blogs don’t mention the psychology behind each step mentioned. 

Therefore, we’re not going to tell you about a marketing strategy. Rather a couple of principles you must keep in mind before making a strategy.  

Dr. Cialdini is best known for his 1984 book on persuasion and marketing, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.” He has given 6 Principles of Persuasion work, and how to use them in your own marketing strategy. 

Following are those 6 principles & we’re going to break those principles, state examples for each one of them for better understanding. 

  • Reciprocity
  • Commitment & Consistency
  • Social Proof
  • Liking
  • Authority
  • Scarcity

The first principle is Reciprocity.

It states that when we offer something to people, they’ll feel a sense of indebtedness, which will make them more likely to agree with your upcoming requests. We’re deeply wired to be reciprocal! For instance- Spotify gives you a 30 days free premium trial before you’re asked to pay for it post-trial. Similarly, Netflix, Prime Videos, Wynk and so on, all these applications offer their users free trial to its users. Cosmetics companies like Amway, Lotus, Oriflame send out free samples to their users via mail or magazines. Sometimes you may also see coffee, spices, mouth fresheners samples too! 

Adopting the same technique for your own company will give you the desired results. If you’re an online portal you can give your certain services for free. Like webinars, access to your blogs and so on. Just think of ways how you can use this principle to market your product/service. 

Next comes Commitment & Consistency.

The way to earn customer loyalty using this principle is to make them commit to something (a statement/stand/identity). They will then feel an automatic compulsion to stick with it. For example, whenever anyone visits your website ask them for their email ID. ‘Don’t miss out! ’Actions seem a lot smaller when everybody else is already doing it. 

This can be further explained through some live examples. Take iPhone users for instance. Once an iPhone user will always be an iPhone user (majority). Another example could be Dunkin Donuts. They announced a contest during Halloween. People we asked to decorate their cups in the Halloween theme. The 5 most innovative designs were awarded a $100 gift card. These individuals should be rewarded solely for their enthusiasm, especially since the prizes aren’t that spectacular!

You can use a similar approach to reach out to your TA. It is one of the most important principles. 

Social Proof is another essential principle of influencers.

Whenever you pass by a restaurant or lounge and see a long queue outside it then many of us wonder about the hype behind it. That’s social proof in action. We form evaluations about something based on the actions of other people.

For example, we see a lot of celeb pictures where they’re holding a tumbler of Starbucks. Not that Starbucks needs more advertising, but the fact that celebrities are often spotted with a latte in their hands reinforces the social impression that Starbucks equals cool. Using real people in advertisements- Colgate, Sensodyne and so on. 

You can use the same principle suiting your own venture. 

Liking is based on a very basic idea.

We tend to agree with requests made by people we like. And this principle further has 5 sub-principles; physical attraction (favorable traits, i.e. honesty, humor, trustworthiness), similarity (similar interests, opinions, personality, background, etc), compliments (We love to receive praises, and tend to like those who give it), contact & cooperation (Fight for the same causes as your customers, etc), conditioning & association ( We like looking at models, and thus become more favorable towards the cars behind them). 

For instance, a website giving the most minute details of their products (visually), Proof Eyewear also uses social media to express gratitude to their customers by featuring their photos weekly, Ashwariya Rai Bachan wearing a beautiful Longines watch. The ad is no longer about the ad rather the emotion and tone of the product (feminine, classic). 

To reach out to your TA directly, you need to be well aware of your TA’s likes and dislikes. And thereafter you’ll be able to reach out to them better.

It is human nature to agree or do something when it is coming from an authoritative figure. And our fifth principle is Authority. For instance, we rely on blogs, reviews by experts. Wherever we read ‘Dr.__ says or according to experts’ it automatically becomes more likable or reliable. 

For example- Any opinion/post/blog coming from a verified’ social media account becomes more credible. For a website, you must add an authoritative designation in the ‘About Us’ section. A person who regularly writes reviews on Zomato/ Tripadvisor/ Goibibo becomes more reliable than other reviews. 

Adapt the same principle according to your company and see the difference for yourself.

Scarcity is a principle that awakens a sense of urgency among people.

We are always drawn to things that are exclusive and hard to come by. This principle can be commonly used in 2 ways- limited number and deadlines.

For instance catchphrases like ‘Offer valid till stock lasts’, Only X pieces left! and so on. Even there were apps that could be downloaded by invite only (Spotify, SocialCam). One of the biggest examples of this is One Plus phones. It sold close to one million phones purely via invites, without selling through retail stores. 

You need to create a sense of urgency, scarcity among your TA to get them to buy your product or avail your service. Just catch hold of that nerve that’ll provoke your audience. 

All marketing efforts will only work when these principles are adopted in your marketing strategy.