1. Decide what to blog about. 

We all have some or other kind of passion. You can start blogging about the thing that interests you. 

Assuming the fact that you already know what you want to write about, Let us learn how to set up a blog and make it live on the web.

2. Pick a domain name

Decide a name for your blog. That’s really the hard part, but not important. Name & Logos don’t matter much. It’s about the content. 

I would suggest making a list of names on a physical notepad, or any note-taking tool on mobile or laptop. 

The important part here is the availability of the domain name on the registrar.om Check the domain name on Godaddy. 

If you choose a common name, most probably you won’t get .com. 

Before buying a domain (even if the .com name is available) google the name and see if someone already is using the name. Check whether the name is available on major social networking websites like Facebook. Instagram and Twitter. 

Yes, there can be someone using the name on FB, twitter, etc but the important thing is are they working closely with your niche?

If yes, go for another name and register it.

The same thing applies here too. You 

3. Choose Hosting: 

Hosting is space which you buy to host your domain name. This will help you store your content, images, and databases on web. 

There are lot of hosting providers where you can buy hosting fr

There are factors like storage space, SSD allocation, server speed, support which differentiate the hosting providers from each other,

Considering all these factors and choosing the best.

I would suggest you to go for Inmotion Hosting. 

4. Install WordPress

After purchasing hosting space, you will have to redirect your server name from GoDaddy to in motion hosting.

As soon as you do it. 

The best platform to blog is WordPress. More than 50 million websites are hosted on WordPress. WordPress gives you independence to change anything you wish on your website.

5. Install a Theme

WordPress themes will help you design your blog. 

Free WordPress themes are available when you install themes. Free themes come with some restrictions and have limited features.

Marketplaces like theme****** have thousands of themes on their platform.

You can choose any themes you think would make your blog look good.

Navneet runs GhugharMedia, a Digital Marketing Agency in New Delhi. He loves to read books, write and experiment with new-age marketing channels