To write powerful copy, you have to go beyond the demographics to understand what really motivates these people: who they are, what they want, how they feel, and what their biggest problems and concerns are that your product can help solve.

Reach prospects on three levels – intellectual, emotional, and personal.

1. Intellectual

 Intellectual is the first level and, while effective, not as strong as the other two.

2. Emotional level

More powerful is to reach the prospect on an Emotional Level.

Emotions that can be tapped include fear, greed, love, vanity, and, for fundraising, benevolence.

“Our advice can help you cut your losses and make much more money, so you become much wealthier than your friends and neighbors.

You’ll be able to pay cash for your next car – a Lexus, BMW, or any luxury automobile you care to own – and you’ll sleep better at night.

 3. Personal level

The most powerfully you can reach people is on a personal level.

These are the emotions, attitudes, and aspirations that drive them, as represented by the formula 

BFD – Beliefs, Feelings, and Desires:


What does your audience believe?

 What is their attitude toward your product and the problems or issues it addresses?


How do they feel? Are they confident and brash?  Nervous and fearful? 

What do they feel about the major issues in their lives, businesses, or industries?


What do they want? What are their goals? What changes do they want in their lives that your product can help them achieve?

For instance, we did this exercise with IT people, for a company that gives

seminars in communication and interpersonal skills for IT professionals.

Beliefs. IT people think they are smarter than other people, technology is the most important thing in the world, users are stupid, and management doesn’t appreciate them enough.

• Feelings. IT people often have an adversarial relationship with management and users, both of whom they serve. They feel others dislike them, look down upon them, and do not understand what they do.

Navneet runs GhugharMedia, a Digital Marketing Agency in New Delhi. He loves to read books, write and experiment with new-age marketing channels