Zapier is a tool which helps you to automate your Facebook leads.

Whenever you run lead generation ads on Facebook for your industry, product.

You asked for the customer information like their name, E-mail, Contact no. etc, through the form which you’ve attached to ad creative. that’s how you generate leads.

To automate these leads with zapier (Automate mean whenever you got any lead you can set the function about what you want to do with that lead like, send them a thank you message. you can easily store that data in sequence, zapier does this function automatically.) you can easily store that data in airtable and you can set the record about what to do next with that lead or what we’ve already done with them in airtable.

if someone has filled your lead form and give you name, email, contact number. you can send emails, SMS automatically to your leads through zapier.

Here I’ll tell you how to automate these leads and how zapier and airtable can help you do this lead automation easily.

you just need to follow these simple steps :

step 1: How to make a zap in zapier

To connect your Facebook leads to the zapier you just need to open zapier and start with making a zap. so just click on make a zap button.

zapierthen you’ll enter in next page where you need to give instructions to your zap for your lead Automation.

Step 2: How to connect zapier with Facebook ad lead.

You can name your zap whatever you want to name it.

Then you’ll come to the next step in zapier which is ” When this Happens” means when you got any ?

It can be many things like, mails ,google sheet etc, zapier can automate many thing. you just need to select the App & events about what types of leads you want zapier to automate.


If you want to automate your Facebook ads leads you to select “Facebook lead ads “. just like I’ve chosen it below.


Through this zapier will catch every lead from your Facebook ads “lead form”. but you need to follow some more steps to store every function about Automation.

Step 3: Connecting Facebook new leads

Here you need to select a trigger event which is “new lead”. because we want to automate our facebook new leads. then click on continue to go to the next step.


Step 4: Connect the Facebook page and lead form.

Here you need to select the Facebook lead account of your Facebook lead ads from which you are running your lead generation ads.

Then click on continue to go further steps.

Now you need to select the Facebook page through which you’re running your ads.

And you also need to select the form which you’ve made at the time of making the ad.



Step 5: Airtable workspace and base

Now you need to open your airtable to make a workspace where you want to store your leads data.

In that workspace, you can make many bases for your different ads. but for one ad you need to make one base. and inside this base, you have to make a table where you’ll store every single entries like, for storing email you have to make an email column and for name a ” name column”.

airtable snaps

airtable snapsairtable snapsairtable snaps

Step 6: Connect airtable with zapier

Now you just need to connect this airtable to the zapier for that you’ve to complete the this step.

Here you’ve to select another app or event to complete this action. and we need to connect it to airtable, so select airtable in that column as I’ve selected below.



Then you’ve to select the action, so here we want our new leads from Facebook will automatically be stored in airtable through zapier. so for this we have to select “create leads”.


Step 7: Get automatic entries through zapier on airtable

Here you need to select the account through which you’re accessing in the airtable.

Through your registered account on airtable, zapier will automatically detect data of your airtable. then you just need to click on continue and go for customization of your records.


Now you just need to select the base and table of your airtable. choose table and connect your form to the entries.


Here you can test your zapier’s function that, is it working according to the given instructions without any error?

As you’ve connected your form to the entries you can test it. there is an option of test and continue. As you clicked on that button you’ll see the results in your airtable.

And that’s how you can easily store & automate your Facebook leads with help of zapier and airtable.

Step 8: E-mail by zapier

Here you can build an automatic function through which you can automate e-mails  by zapier.

You can automatically send e-mail to your leads, whatever you want to e-mail them like, thank you messages etc, and you can also schedule them.

After, they give you their email address by filling your Facebook lead form.

You just need to add the function which is “Email by Zapier”. it will send outbound email automatically to your leads.



Now you need to customize your outbound email in column “To” you need to select your lead’s email. and in the subject, you need to fill the purpose of your email.

And in the body, you can write whatever you want to mail them. and for “Name” like, in the email body you want to write  “Hello” and “your lead’s name “, you can select that name from the corner of the column. so in every email, it’ll be like hello “your lead’s name ” and so on. that’s how you can send emails automatically through zapier.


After filling every required field click on continue and then zapier will automatically send emails to your every lead.

Then you just have to start your zap by clicking on the button given on top of the screen, you just need to turn it on . and your zap will start and do work according to the given instructions.

For any query, feel free to email me.