Sunday, January 23, 2022
About me navneet jain

About Me

Do you know the best Marketing strategy ever?


If you’re selling a product or even yourself the best way to sell is to EDUCATE your customer.

People buy things that make their lives easier, better or faster. They buy things that fulfill their needs, desires, and take away fears.

By applying timeless principles of psychology, I write copy for people like you that get results.

I help brands communicate their message clearly, to the audience that matters.

My specialty is my ability to write clear, credible, persuasive, copy for a wide range of products, create content and run Ads.

I helps my clients to:

Generate Sales
Increase Websiete Traffic
Increase Brand Awareness
Generate Leads and Enquiries

Manage Social Media Accounts
Create content in Images, Videos and Blogs Format
Run Ads on Facebook, Google & LinkedIn

Before starting GhugharMedia, I worked as a lead marketer with several startups and as a business consultant in a technology firm at New Delhi.

I have served 100 of clients manage their social media channels, increase sales, generate leads via online marketing.

Because of my technical background, I am able to quickly grasp sophisticated technologies.
I can sit down with engineers, programmers, and other specialists. Ask questions and speak their language.

I am sound in WordPress, can optimize page speed, and aware of the best plugins and other tools used for marketing purposes.

When hired for a project, I look at client’s website, their social media handles. Find their competitors, understand their strategy and suggest everything that I come up with. It helps them in improving their businesses and makes them happy.

In addition to this, I also work with clients as a consultant, helping clients plan marketing campaigns that generate maximum response.

In a short chat with me, I will fill you up with ideas that will help you in getting more sales and achieve better results.

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