Market better by keeping these 7 Cs of Digital Marketing in mind

To market your product or service in the digital space can be a little tricky at times. Especially when you have no idea from where to begin. One of the most simple and basic strategies is the 7 Cs strategy

Just by keeping these 7 Cs in mind you can see visible growth in your business.

Therefore, here are 7 Cs of digital marketing that every company must know:


Make your customers your priority. And everything you say or do must be done keeping them in mind. If your clients cannot find you online, your position may be strong today but with the pace of change, it is not ensured for future survival.

Customer behavior is changing dramatically and your customers expect a speedy and transparent communication at all stages of the sales process.

And it is extremely important for you to know your customers. Who all you want to target?


Once you know your audience, think of what content you’ll post. On all platforms, there will be content publishing but according to that platform’s context.

If you’re marketing any product or service; then think of content ideas that tell your customer ‘How this product/service will make their life better?’. 

Keep in mind you have to be extremely clear while communicating with your customers. If your communication is no clear then it can also backfire at you. 


Once your content has been finalized, it is extremely important to stick to its context. Context is about knowing the who, what, where, when and most importantly why the consumer wants something, and then deliver just that, at the right time and through the right channel.


Living in the era of the digital revolution, we get a lot of channels for communication. And this creates countless challenges but also making this task easy.

It is extremely important that you communicate your message to your TA clearly else it can backfire to you. 


By consistency, we mean delivering the same service regardless of channel. So, whatever service or product you’re offering should have the same standards and levels of service on all channels. 

Keep in mind that no matter what, all your channels should have the same tone and context of communication. If there is a lack of consistency then your consumers might doubt your authenticity. 


There are a lot of websites that customize web experience. Take Amazon as the best-known example, it welcomes you back to the site, makes recommendations of what’s new and suggests other items to buy which it calls ‘Inspired by Your Shopping Trends’.

It makes your customers feel important. Customization is always a great idea as it makes your customers visit your website or social media handle again and again. 


Control is the final ‘c’ of the ‘7Cs’ which brings together the way online buying and browsing can deliver greater insight and measurability. You can see:

– What’s working

– What’s not working

– What works well

Using these 7Cs will help your business grow!